Get A Coach | Be A Coach

The New Coaching Approach to Accelerate Individual Success and Organizational Results.

Top Professionals Are Saying:

Liz Wiseman | CEO, Multipliers

“The authors have nailed it when it comes to scaling coaching to the masses in a way that makes everyone on the team better."

Dave Ulrich | Author, Professor

“Any organization or individual implementing or using these insightful and pragmatic ideas will see improved results.”

Peter Mallouk | CIO, Author

"This book and approach will quickly become the gold standard for how coaching should work in every organization. ”

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More Rave Reviews

Tami Polmanteer | CHRO, Aleris

“An outside-of-the-the-box way of thinking about coaching that is right on target. Improving performance by accelerating skill development through Just-In-Time coaching sessions."

MG Kristian | EVP of People and Workplace at Mitchell Int.

“Get a Coach | Be a Coach outlines a researched and practical approach to foster a real learning culture. This concept has the power to close skill gaps and accelerate knowledge transfer across organizations in a way that is particularly meaningful in our multi-generational work environment. Truly a winning idea and tool.”

John Grover Head | Organizational Learning & Development, Ceva Logistics

"An easy read and practical manual for accelerating personal achievement and becoming more accomplished in literally anything you want to do. Applicable to everyone, at every level, in the organization...a great guide to coaching others, something the latest generation requires and we all need. Want to be better at what you do before anyone else is? Read this book!”

Brian Walker | CHRO, Unifrax

“Get A Coach Be A Coach is an overdue breakthrough in how to implement coaching in a scalable, affordable and sustainable way. As CHRO, I have often lamented that I can’t get an executive coach for everybody. Now we have a model that actually allows this, in a simple and practical way. This book should revolutionize the way we think about and drive coaching and learning in our organizations."

Jeff Bettinger | CHRO, Nu Skin

“Once again, Roger Connors and his team have produced a performance tipping point that works for individuals, teams and organizations. This latest work, Get A Coach | Be A Coach, empowers people at every level of the organization to leverage the talent that already exists around them to achieve the results they want. This is a must read for anyone that needs that little lift that can lead to big breakthrough success.”

Jamey Fitzpatrick | President & CEO Michigan Virtual University

"As a certified executive coach, I believe the authors have uncovered a powerful new framework that will unlock some of the practical barriers to creating a scalable coaching community in every organization. The self-directed coaching model is a game-changer and will bring coaching to employees at all levels, not just top leaders. Congratulations on thinking outside the box to create a new model for talent development!”

Dr. Astrid S. Tumineziz | President Utah Valley University

“Effective leaders must unleash human potential and foster collaboration more broadly to compete well in the twenty-first century economy. In Get A Coach | Be A Coach, the authors unlock the secret to creating a Coaching Community that achieves these sought-after goals—a results-focused, supportive environment where people take exceptional accountability for their own success by reaching out to others. This approach can help every person own their learning and speed their progress as professionals. Empowering, motivating, powerful."

Tim Peoples | SVP Wis-Pak Inc.

“Most of us have experienced the benefits of having a coach in one form or another in our lives, but we don’t have a way to continually tap into the power of coaching when it's needed. Self-Directed Performance Coaching brings a practical, easy to apply approach that delivers coaching when you need it most. My only question is, why haven’t we been doing this already?”

Bob Colvin | Chief Administrator Officer, FLX Distribution

"It’s not often that a book comes along that is so relevant and on target. Self-Directed Coaching is a critical component to creating a coaching culture in any organization. The Get A Coach | Be A Coach model is incredibly scalable, adaptable, and designed to enable transformative change!”